Hi, My name is Qimmah (pronounced Keemah) Dailey. I was born on January 28, 1982 in Birmingham, Alabama. My family relocated to Petal, Mississippi while I was still a child. My parents, Larry and Brenda Dailey, have been married 39 wonderful years. I have two older brothers, Diriki and Romondo. I am a single mother to one daughter, Lamaria, who is the joy of my life. I relocated to Georgia in 2011 and to Paulding County in 2019.

To illustrate my commitment to the service of others, I volunteered during my collegiate years at The University of Southern Mississippi, serving as Vice President and later President of a volunteer organization called V.I.S.I.O.N. I have been employed in the service industry, my entire adult life, up to 2 years ago. I have been employed as a server even working my way to managing in the industry. Helping people has always been a true passion and it still rings true to this day.

Recently, I started a small travel agency to help others plan unforgettable vacations to their dream destinations. I believe strongly in my commitment to helping others in any capacity. My entrepreneurial spirit is visible in every thing I do so I know the value of hard work. Currently, I am employed with a federal government contractor making fuel cells for our proud military. Therefore, the value of time is not arbitrary to me. I understand the importance of getting things done in a timely and efficient manner.

I am a lifelong member of the Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army. A Spiritual Israelite, I began worship at the Mississippi Temple Number One in Hattiesburg, Ms as a child. Now, I proudly worship in the Atlanta Mission.

With the present political climate, compassion for others is a dire need. Let us remember, “America's greatest assets are its people.” The fabric of America is woven with people of diverse backgrounds, religions, races, and abilities. When we help each other go faster and further, we thrive and succeed as a collective unit.

As the representative of District 17, I want to place emphasis on a living wage, the mental health of Veterans, and the rights of Women. These issues are pertinent to the people of Paulding County and Georgia as a whole.

I deeply value others and would like to work hard for Paulding County in enacting legislation through Georgia’s State Assembly as your representative. I humbly seek your support and vote for House of Representatives in Georgia’s State Assembly. I look forward to representing District 17 proudly and steadfastly.

Thank you for your support,

Q. Dailey


1. Creating A Living Wage: Raising the state minimum wage to $13 an hour. To help small businesses offset the expense, giving tax breaks to small businesses that make $ 1million a year or less or a small business  that employ 100 people or less a tax rate of 3%.

2.  Women's Rights:  I am a ProChoice candidate who adamantly opposes HB 481 (LIFE Act) or any such bill that attempts to govern the bodies of women. Republicans are actively making and proposing more cuts to Medicare upwards to $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years, $5.5 billion to Food Stamps over the next 5 years, $7.1 billion to the education system. In addition to an already overwhelmed foster care and adoption system, handling and adding more children to this fragile mix is irresponsible. 

3. Veteran's Mental Health: Nationwide only 9% of 18 million veterans seek professional help. In Paulding County, we have over 5700 veterans. That means barely 500 of them are seeking professional help. Half a million veterans suffer from PTSD nationwide. Which means it is highly likely that of our 5700, at least 2500 suffer from the often debilitating affliction. Our VA system is grossly overburdened and our veterans deserve mental support and care as soon as they can so they can be safely and productively re-introduced into society.


Every one deserse a clean safe place to live. I was mortified to discover that here in Paulding County we have what is considered a "Working Poor" class of people. These are basically mothers and fathers, or childless individuals who have jobs (often more than one job) but have no place to live simply because rent is unaffordable. This is unacceptable!

That is why I would like to start a 150 Tiny home project, to start, with an affordable rent as a temporary homing situation to start them on the path to homeownership.


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