My Story

I was introduced to alternative health as a young child. My mother was ill and Traditional Medicine could no longer help her. 

Her primary care doctor sent her to another physician who had been working in Alternative Health along with Traditional Medicine for some time. He turned our world upside down. I watched my mother's health drastically improve in the matter of weeks. And after several months she was 65% better. It was the first time I can remember my mother telling me she felt good. I was 9 years old at the time.

That experience made an impact that has stayed with me throughout these many years. Oh, I've strayed off the "Real Food, Real Water and Real Breathing" path a time or two and it doesn't take my body long to tell me she's not happy.

A great healthy body doesn't come in the mail contrary to popular belief. You have to work for it. The good news is I can help with some practical solutions, strategies and protocols that are custom to you and your lifestyle. That’s practical healthcare.


"My work with Ginger left me feeling that something fundamental (and unhelpful) in how I had been interacting with the world was integrated - leaving me relaxed, more open hearted and in joyful appreciation of the present moment. The quality of Ginger's presence and her guidance allowed me to create that experience! 💖" - Brenda Neal

"What an awesome service she provided. Treat your body to something good, you feel different when you leave. I would recommend MS. Rogers to everyone. Thank you Ms. Rogers" - Dave

"Ginger is awesome and has so much knowledge about caring for your body!" - Mimi Bean

"What an awsome experience. I would recommend MS. Rogers to anyone. She has broad range of knowledge across all health areas. - Mark Mel

"Awesome massage well worth." - Nikki Boggs


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This is how the human body operates

A healthy body...

Your body is your house. Your nervous system is the wiring in your house. Your electromagnetic system is the "electricity" (communication) in your house.

All three systems need to be operating at 100% for you to have a live, functioning home, Right?

The role of stress...

When you wake up in the morning, have you noticed that its a little harder to get out of bed than it used to be? Or that you just don't have that spring as you're going up the stairs as you used to? Here's why. As we mature, the body slows down because of STRESS! Yes, 95% of ALL disease and illness is caused by stress. NIH (National Institutes of Health) There are many reasons and they take decades to manifest, but stress is the culprit.

There is a solution!

If you could find a way to easily reduce stress on a regular basis and restore your energy to the level you had 20 years ago, with very little time and effort, would you be interested? 

I promise, it only takes 3 things to have the physical body remember it's vitality. Vitality has "nothing" to do with aging. However, aging has "everything" to do with vitality. My invitation is to help you remember it.